SILMO Next maquette


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Discover on SILMO Paris a new area focused on prospective

A global space bringing together all the elements that contribute to give a prospective perspective of the market with:


An exhibition of trending products presented as a scenic forum


The digital magazine designed as a real trend book


The new space that aims to present the products and processes of tomorrow to the optics industry and to create connections between historical and new players to help new markets to emerge.

Uberisation is now a phenomenon affecting all sectors of the economy. It is a necessity for each part of our business to ensure its “indispensability" to the chain, to appropriate new tools and products and transform its profession. Thanks to SILMO Next, SILMO Paris is again positioning itself as the standard bearer of the profession, highlighting new opportunities for all players.

For this first year, the Futurology space promotes products and start-ups according to 4 major themes: sport, well-being and health, entertainment and additive manufacturing. 
Garmin, McLaren, Matérialise, Everysight, 5th Dimension, LightVision, Microoled, Atol, Cinemizer and more have already confirmed their presence and will present their vision on these new potentials in lectures.