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The second edition of SILMO Next, a concentration of innovations, trends and prospects!


Immerse yourself in the new possibilities that technology now offers the customer journey and interact with «disruptive» company leaders who have come to present their latest designs and products.
Partners: 360 G / 5th Dimension / Abeye / Fuel 3D / Hellcie Healthy / Julbo / Materialise / Morrow / Skugga


Each day, the SILMO NEXT space features conferences, speeches and points of view on the field. Within 30 minutes, each speaker presents a perspective to help envision and
understand the future...

Registrations for talks

On the program:

• Friday 27 September

- 1 - 1.30 pm: “The Future of Retail and the Value of Fit” by George Thaw, CEO of Fuel 3D

- 1.30 - 2 pm: “Smart Glasses vs Fashion Eyewear, threats and possibilities on a new huge market” by Mikael Eriksson, CEO of Skugga Technologies AB

- 2 - 2.30 pm: “Lexilens, the dyslexia-correcting eyeglasses” by Michael Kodochian, Innovation & Strategic Projects Director of Abeye

- 2.30 - 3 pm: “Connected frames & Intelligent frames: a world of difference!” by Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy

- 3 - 3.30 pm: Julbo

- 3.30 - 4 pm: “Imagining the Future of Eyewear Retail: Welcome to Atelier Futurity” by Dr Alireza Paradian, Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables Materialise

- 4.30 - 5 pm: “The digitalisation of frames to improve the purchasing experience” by Guido Cornettone, VP Marketing, and Dominique Bazin, VP Sales, of Fitting Box

- 5 - 5.30 pm: IVS

- 5.30 - 6 pm: 5th Dimension

• Saturday 28 September

- 10 - 11 am: GFK

• Sunday 29 September

- 2 - 2.30 pm: “The articulation of conception with the imaginary, criticism and anticipation in a project context / design fiction” by Eric Fache, Designer, researcher and teacher, and Maxime Simon, Designer

- 2.30 - 3 pm: “The glasses of the future” by Sébastien Brusset, CEO of JAW Studio

- 3 - 3.30 pm: «Smart glasses: how far can we push the limits?» by Philippe Peyrard, CEO of Ellcie Healthy

- 3.30 - 4 pm: 360G

- 5 - 5.30 pm: “How to humanise sales thanks to digital technology?” by Joël Nguyen, co-founder of Unimi

• Monday 30 September

- 10 - 11.30 am: “Guidance for eco-responsible opticians” by Carole Riehl, editor-in-chief of Les Lunettes Ecologiques Magazine

- 11 - 11.30 am: “Trends and Commitment, the new keys to success for your brands” by Virginie Corbasson, consulting director for Carlin

- 11.30 - 12 am: “Laclarée, a new technology of adaptive glasses to correct far-sightedness” by Jessica Jarosz, R&D engineer, and Bruno Berge, CEO, of Laclarée

- 12 - 12.30 am: “2020 market perspectives and trends in the optical and eyewear industry” by Dominique Cuvillier, CEO of Cuvillier Consultant, director of the Trends by Silmo publication


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This year, SILMO Paris is launching a CSR Focus. The perfect opportunity to assess the situation and ask ourselves the relevant questions on the subject.

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