Announce my participation

How to announce my participation at SILMO?

SILMO helps you in your communication process when you become an exhibitor at the trade show. A great deal of communication tools (free for several of them) and advice are at your disposal.

  • What is the best period to communicate?
  • What tools are the best adapted to me?
  • How much will it cost me?

Communicating on your participation to your clients and prospects increases a lot your chances to attract more people on your stand, and make more business on the show !

A communication guide will be soon available !

  • SILMO Paris 2020 media kit

Soon available online.

  • E-invitations

Option 1: Insert in your emails or newsletters a web link that enables your clients to get their badges to SILMO.
1. Sign into your exhibitor area and click on "Invite your clients"
2. Write your own text and insert your logo
3. Copy-paste in your e-mailings the link available in your personal area
4. Follow the results

Option 2: Send to your clients an e-invitation by email to meet you on the SILMO trade show. 
1. Sign into your exhibitor area and click on "Invite your clients" 
2. Write your own text and insert your logo
3. Load the emails
4. Send the invitations !
5. Follow the results, and send back the invitations to the clients who did not registered

Exhibit your participation

Spread your latest news:

Send your news regularly to the SILMO press service.
T/+33 (0)1 84 02 11 33
[email protected]

E-mailing :

Send information to preregistered SILMO visitors who have accepted to receive information from exhibitors.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Newsletter sent to preregistered visitors. Please provide elements complying with the publication and schedule specifications that will be listed in a subsequent email.
PRICE : Estimated cost of an e-mailing operation: € 2,000 tax-exclusive (includes configuration, personalization and mailing).
RECEIPT DATE: 2 weeks prior to the show

Stand out at the fair


Tool reserved to stands of at least 100m². Your logo is hanged seven meters above your booth for optimal visibility. The kakemonos produced by our technical teams show your logo on both sides.
Place your order before September 10, 2020. Send your logo in HD pdf format – 300 dpi.

Kakemono 4mx2m : € 2,000 tax-exclusive
Kakemono 8mx2m : € 3,500 tax-exclusive
Kakemono 12mx2m : € 6,000 tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE: 2 weeks prior to the show

Advertising in the visitor guide:

35,000 copies are distributed free of charge at the fair entrances.
The visitor guide is the most commonly used orientation tool at the fair.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Send your visual before September 4, 2020 in HD pdf format (full page 150 x 290mm + 5mm)
8th of the page : € 500 tax-exclusive
Half inside page : € 1,200 tax-exclusive
Full inside page : € 2,000 tax-exclusive
Inside front cover : € 3,000 tax-exclusive
Inside back cover : € 4,000 tax-exclusive
Outside back cover : € 5,000 tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE: 4 September 2020 to [email protected]

Trends Forums:

Exhibit your products in the fair’s trend forums. Enjoy exceptional visibility in a high-traffic area.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Registration form on / Products before August 31st


Distribute your goodies and flyers to visitors as soon as they arrive at the fair and increase traffic to your booth!Includes the right to distribute for the four days of the fair (does not include flyers or personnel).
PRICE : € 3,000 tax-exclusive for the right to distribute during the four days of the fair.

SILMO d’Or awards:

Participate in the Innovation and Technology Grand Prize, a title recognized the world over! 
RECEIPT DATE : application must be sent before between September 4th and 7th according to the category

Learn more about the SILMO d'Or grand prize

Licence scan:

Measure and characterize the attendance of your booth by flashing the badges of each visitor that enters it. Develop a database using the information.
€ 150 application
€ 250 mobile rental + application


An innovation ? A star ? An event ? You can organize a reception on your booth
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : You are responsible of what happens on your booth and of you guests actions outside of your stand.
PRICE : Reception until 9:00PM
(Friday/Sunday) : €1,000 tax-exclusive
Reception until midnight (Friday/Sunday) €1,500 tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE : 2 weeks prior to the show

Invite your clients


Send a personalized e-invitation – specifying your booth number and featuring your logo – to invite your clients and prospects free of charge. Use the url to attach the invitation to all your emails. All your clients have to do is print their badges! Available in your exhibitor’s space. You can also order printed invitations on request.

Show up

Catalogue referencing:

Display your products and brands on your catalogue sheet.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Declaration to complete under the «Catalogue» heading of the online shop.

Media kit:

Remember to announce your participation in the fair on all your online supports: Facebook, website, blog, etc., using the SILMO logo and personalized banners featuring your booth number.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Simply download these from the online store.

Your company name in bold print:

The name of your company appears in bold print on the exhibitor list.
PRICE : € 50 tax-exclusive

Advertising insert on

the foremost tool enabling visitors to prepare their experience. Be seen on the most consulted pages!

Ad banner:

TARIF : 800 € tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE: 2 weeks prior to the show

Logo pack:

Your logo is inserted on the online catalogue and on the exhi-bitor lists of the interactive terminal and SILMO mobile application.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Send your logo in HD format in eps, jpg, or png.
PRICE : € 275 tax-exclusive

Trends by SILMO:

The latest trends explained in the one and only Silmo web magazine. Advertise to our 100,000 recipients with a simple image or video.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : 210 x 265 mm (+ 5mm) fichier pdF HD
1 page € 850 tax-exclusive
Double page € 1,500 tax-exclusive
1 video € 1,000 tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE: August 31st, 2020


Dynamic display ad (5 to 20 seconds): € 950
Feature filmed on your booth and put on YouTube: € 850
Dedicated show: € 900