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Send your news regularly to the SILMO press service.
T/+33 (0)1 84 02 11 33

E-mailing :

Send information to preregistered SILMO visitors who have accepted to receive information from exhibitors.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Newsletter sent to preregistered visitors. Please provide elements complying with the publication and schedule specifications that will be listed in a subsequent email.
PRICE : Estimated cost of an e-mailing operation: € 2,000 tax-exclusive (includes configuration, personalization and mailing).
RECEIPT DATE: 2 weeks prior to the show

SILMO d’Or awards:

Participate in the Innovation and Technology Grand Prize, a title recognized the world over! 
RECEIPT DATE: more information available soon

Learn more about the SILMO d'Or grand prize

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Display your products and brands on your catalogue sheet.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : Declaration to complete under the «Catalogue» heading of the online shop.

Trends by SILMO:

The latest trends explained in the one and only Silmo web magazine. Advertise to our 100,000 recipients with a simple image or video.
TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS : 210 x 265 mm (+ 5mm) fichier pdF HD
1 page € 850 tax-exclusive
Double page € 1,500 tax-exclusive
1 video € 1,000 tax-exclusive
RECEIPT DATE: September 16th, 2021