Meilleurs Ouvriers de France

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Full-fledged actors in the dynamics of innovation in optics, the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Workers of France) Eyeglass Craftsmen make their entry on SILMO Next. Bearers of a unique heritage and know-how, they are well placed to give opticians the keys to their future development. The return to craftsmanship, proximity and authenticity is more than ever a response to new consumer behaviours and future challenges.

Several members of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France (Best Workers of France) Eyewear association met in their school in Morez to work collectively on the realization of a creative frame.
Rich in their different techniques, Xavier Christin, Alain Clerc, Charles Dagneaux, Bérengère Evain, Valérie Prillard and Philippe Puvilland shaped and decorated a frame with multiple materials (acetate, metals, wood, bone -sculpted with a file by Daniel Delabre- , mother-of-pearl, epoxy resin, dried flowers and lizard skin).

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The M.O.F. Lunetiers Eyeglass Craftsmanship School: a tailor-made transmission of eyewear know-how

The eyewear school of the Meilleurs Ouvriers de France trains in the creation of eyeglass frames for the realization of unique made-to-measure pieces or small series. From basic to advanced training, the principle of the training courses is based on the transmission of the experience of M.O.F. eyeglass craftsmen to the trainees; during the courses (one M.O.F. trainer for 3 trainees) but also by remote monitoring. Customized courses can be created for groups of opticians or optical and eyewear companies on selected themes.


The prototyping training workshop is in Morez, the historical center of the French eyewear industry. It is equipped to accommodate 6 trainees and as many equipment/machines per person. All disciplines are represented, creation by hand, machine, CAD / CNC / laser / 3D for a production of frames in acetate, metal, wood and horns, but also by courses of decoration, modification, adaptation and repair of eyeglass frames.

For foreign trainees, a specialized translator transcribes all the exchanges. The two basic modules (M1 + M2) can be taught during the same week.

Training modules are offered on demand according to the project and the level of competence:

  •  Eyewear design: the keys to create your collection
  • Measurements, design and shaping of a frame
  • Realization of prototypes of glasses cut out with the top of the eyeglass frame
  • Elaboration, shaping and assembly of a metal frame
  • Realization of frames in natural material
  • Create your own eyewear workshop
  • Computer-aided design and use of numerically controlled machines
  • Prototype realization of glasses in 3D printing
  • Dressing frames with the rigour of industrial production
  • Acetate Decoration and Metal Treatment
  • Enhancement

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Bérengère Evain, Meilleur Ouvrier de France and eyewear craftsman, reminds us what a “spectacle maker” is and the added value that custom-made eyewear can bring in an optical store.

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Xavier Christin, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, eyewear designer and creator, discusses the importance of a good in-store repair, gives advice for inspiration and presents the support solutions offered by the M.O.F. Eyeglass Craftsmen school.

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