Trends forum

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In keeping with its DNA, the Trends Forum will highlight the trends and new developments of 2020 that will determine the immediate future. It will also showcase the ways in which the industry has already begun to take action for a more committed long-term future, using design to further our environment and our society.

4 major trends will be highlighted:


Simplicity is the art of precision shapes and harmonious lines, sometimes taken to extremes of minimalism and transparency for the perfect glasses with character to spare.

Key word: Streamlined elegance


Fashion and design continue to shuttle back and forth between past and present, and vintage is back in style with a touch of nostalgia that stands the test of time with creativity and humour for glasses that appear traditional – or in some cases flashy – at first glance.

Key word: Contemporary vintage


Glasses manufacturers and designers pursue aesthetic breakthroughs to reinvent shapes and sizes. They propose a sort of “optical tailoring” through elaborate frames with very structured, controlled, and – in some cases – bold lines

Key word: Contrasting citywear


The digital world meets street sports in the form of glasses stimulated by technological and aesthetic innovations, asserting the “aerodynamic comfort” of their shapes and the rhythmic combination of their lines.

Key word: Fun techno casual