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True to its DNA, the Trends Forum will highlight the trends and novelties of 2022, those that draw an immediate future and will also be the showcase of an industry that has already begun to deploy actions for a more committed long-term future, putting design at the service of our environment and our society.


  • COMBINATION (unlimited designs) : The combined metal and plastic glasses adopt a "sketch of sophistication" with essential shapes enriched by a controlled complexity of volumes, a controlled multiplication of details and finishes to give character to each deliberately designed frame.
  • BIG BROWN (is the new black) : Black, which is very present in eyewear, has obviously not disappeared, but it has been replaced by very intense dark browns and a whole range of rich browns: tortoiseshell, mahogany, cocoa, bistre, caramel, sienna, golden brown, etc. These are colors worked in the material with great density. 
  • BULKY (generous curves) : The glasses do not hide, they seek to occupy the gaze, with consequent volumes sometimes very exaggerated. A lot of materials, thickness and roundness are required for impressive glasses. We also find in this trendy axis, the concept of visible-invisible with "thick" frames in crystal plastic revealing transparency games that are assumed without discretion.
  • ENLIGHTENED CLASSIC (no boring, but style) : The idea of "Classique éclairé" is to put familiar shapes into perspective and to redesign them, rework them, resize them to bring fantasy, a kind of stylistic twist that seeks to get out of the frame, the norms, the aesthetic conventions. The idea is to break the codes while respecting a certain elegance.