Museums of Oyonnax and Morez exhibition

Museums of Oyonnax and Morez 2019 exhibition at SILMO Paris

Plunge back into the great History of eyeglasses!

Precious from the beginning, eyeglasses have continued to evolve to become the pair that we know so well. From a protective tool to a medical instrument to – above all – a fashion accessory, glasses have taken on every shape and have been crafted in every material. But it was resolutely the advent of plastic that liberated designers' creative passions. Begin the adventure with the Essilor-Pierre Marly collection at Musée de la Lunette in Morez, from the first spectacles to the designs of the famous "glasses couturier".

The Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie exhibits at SILMO Paris 2019.

Take time out to immerse yourself in the art of hair ornamentation and fashion to better understand the talent and expertise of the glasses manufacturers of Oyonnax with the "Musée du Peigne et de la Plasturgie".
Seventy pieces (glasses, hair ornaments, Paco Rabanne dresses, and more) will be exceptionally taken out of the reserve collection of the Oyonnax and the Morez Museums for the occasion. 
The great period of the '60s and its surprisingly avant-garde styles will get a special focus.

Dare to peruse!