jean paul roosen

Jean Paul Roosen

Former director of the Institute and Center of Optometry (ICO) he is currently President of the humanitarian association Vision Solidev. Jean Paul has invested a lot in the harmonization of optics training and optometry in Europe. Was secretary of the European Association of Schools of Optometry and member of the teaching committees of the World Council Of Optometry and the European Council of Optometry and member of the management committee of the European Diploma in Optometry. Also involved in the development of optics and optometry education in African countries, contributed to the foundation of the African Association of Schools of Optometry and Francophone Africa, played a key role in setting up optometry training at the Institute of Tropical Ophthalmology of Africa in Bamako. Today with Vision Solidarité Développement, set up or participate in numerous programs to fight against avoidable blindness, vision examinations and optical equipment, for the benefit of disadvantaged populations