The Chair of the Panel is Belgian designer and interior designer Michel Penneman, who is internationally renowned for his hotel renovations. 

Président SILMO Or 2018 - Michel Penneman

Michel Penneman is passionate conceptual architecture and likes to design comprehensive projects based on stories. It was he who created the amazing Pantone Hotel in Brussels where his mastery of architectural narration and colour earned him the Paris Hospitality Award for Best Novelty of the Year 2010 and first prize in the Miami Travel & Leisure Awards in the same year. Michel Penneman is never locked in a particular style. Instead, he adjusts his work to the spirit of places to dress and furnish them and has a particular interest in the lights and transparencies that structure spaces.

He graduated in architectural drawing from the Institut Saint-Luc in Brussels and began his career as an architectural draughtsman at Tractebel in the late 80s. He then decides to set up his own architectural synthesis imaging studio and created his first development projects:  houses, private apartments, but mainly commercial spaces, shops, hotels and offices, which brought him international recognition.

The eclectic and curious Michel Penneman immediately accepted the opportunity to be Chair of the Panel for the Silmo d’Or 2018 awards and is already excited about discovering new creations and innovations. He knows just how much glasses make sight more beautiful as objects of everyday life and design.