2021 SILMO d'Or awards winners

Find out what companies have won the 2021 SILMO d'Or awards!


silmo d'or 2021 innovation rolf
  • ROLF Spectacles with « Amur 02 | plant-based eyewear »
    The patented hinge has proven itself the ideal component. It can be printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology, meaning the whole frame can be made all at once and therefore keep the number of external suppliers to a minimum. In addition to the high performance of the screw-less hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame. Shaping the future with innovative and sustainable products.


silmo d'or 2021 enfant jf rey
  • JF REY with « TRALALA 8750 »
    The Tralala model made entirely of silk-screened acetate with exclusive floral wording in the shape of the frame's top. Our wish is to propose an ergonomic model with a nice covering height while celebrating the return to nature, with a flower worn on face of the little girls. Two exclusive colours  (8750 and 2575) designed by JFREY's studio are present in this model which is equipped with interchangeable OBE flex uno, signed with a small heart on the endtips. 


silmo d'or 2021 sport metaoptics
    Development and manufacture of corrective mono-shields compatible with the most popular mono-shields sports glasses on the market, regardless of brand. The RX shields are available in single vision and progressive lenses in the widest prescription range on the market: +6.00 to -7.00 (Cyl. -4.00) combined powers.


silmo d'or 2021 vision transitions optical
  • TRANSITIONS Optical with « Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™»
    Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ lenses are the only and best ever photochromic polarized lenses to defy glare. They use a breakthrough, exclusive, multi-layer matrix that hosts new broad-spectrum dyes for more darkness and new ultra-fast dichroic dyes that are especially tuned to high-glare light and when activated have the unique ability to organize into a pattern on the lens itself for polarization. The dynamic polarization helps to protect wearers from glare when needed.


silmo d'or 2021 matériel MEI
  • MEI with « EasyFit Trend »
    Born from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFiT Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field. The new EasyFiT Trend features an innovative tracing system that further increases the overall productivity and a new modern and compact design. MEI has also integrated into this new machine the ‘Total Quality Control’ system.


silmo d'or 2021 optique marque eschenbach
  • ESCHENBACH OPTIK with « MINI EYEWEAR 743012_60 »
    This oversized squared acetate shape with rivets stands out through its unique lamination on front. An additional feature is nylor on the lower front part. The caramel acetate front has a lamination in the same crystal color as the temples. This temples reveal the MINI pattern on the wire core and underline the statement of this frame. The hand polished round tip-end frames the iconic Mini wing logo, made with a metal inlay


silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque maison sarah lavoine
  • Maison Sarah Lavoine X Ateliers Roussilhe with « THYRA - MSL 04 C8 »
    Thyra in yellow is a French frame with a square and oversized shape inspired by the 70s for a very feminine, chic and casual look. Manufactured in the Roussilhe workshops in Oyonnax (OFG), it is made of bio acetate by Mazzucchelli and produced in two exclusive Maison Sarah Lavoine colours: the emblematic Blue Sarah on the gradient lenses and the yellow acetate colour created specifically for the collection.


silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur henau
  • HENAU with « Lunam »
    The model Lunam is one of the models of the new series of HENAU Eyewear which combines acetate with titanium. The minimalist hinge is perfectly integrated with the acetate face. These glasses are true fashion objects, which reflect and reinforce the personality and character of those who wear them. They are pieces of art where the design creates a perfect harmony with functionality and comfort. In short -> eyewearCOUTURE.


silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur rigards
  • RIGARDS with « MODEL RG2046WD »
    Drawing on strong architectural geometries (right angle beams, undulating surfaces, sloping roof planes, shapely arches), RG2046WD is a seamless bricolage of different materials: high-end salvaged wood, aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium, ultralight beta-titanium, flexible stainless steel, with zero plastic and sustainability in mind. Just like constructing a building, every individual part and their stunning contrast works together to form a sophisticated whole


silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur vava eyewear
  • VAVA EYEWEAR avec « CL0015 »
    Model Cl0015 is wired round-shaped frame made by 3D-printed using high quality polyamide bio-based powder, made from castor oil. Base Zero glass lenses from Barberini.
    Patented Hinges and made of, Super lightweight, Avional aluminium.
    Eye:46 | Temple:140 | Bridge:22
    Co-Designed with Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma and engineered and produced by VAVA. Many of Kuma design projects can be understood as a pursuit of different types of weaving of diverse materials and scales.


    HISTOIRE DE VOIR with « FIL S8 »