Nominees SILMO d'or 2021


   Companies nominated at the 28th SILMO d'or



silmo d'or 2021 innovation haffmans neumeister

  • HAFFMANS & NEUMEISTER with « Emilio »
    EMILIO looks like a beefy 60s TV shape - tailored fit for larger mens’ faces or a slouchy and casual look for women. Haffmans & Neumeister + Marcus Paul is resolutely looking to the future, using an innovative method that fuses together ultra-thin stainless steel and chunky acetate without the use of glue or screws. The „pinstripe“ detail around the rim of each frame hints at the sophisticated mounting technique we exclusively developed for this collection.
silmo d'or 2021 innovation jam vision
  • JAM Vision with « Jam Twins »
    A magnetic hinge with an axis in levitation, to ensure permanent friction thanks to the main annular magnet, and no risk of loss of axis thanks to the cylindrical magnet. The two steel blades making up the branch are attracted and indexed by the magnets, and are clipped onto the 3D printed sleeve thanks to our exclusive "click & rotate" system.
silmo d'or 2021 innovation oxibis exalto
  • OXIBIS Group with « 65N392 » - EXALTO
    The challenge was to combine our best-seller (65N) with wood, a key element of the brand, and to bring out the best of its aesthetic qualities. But not only wood. A lot of research was necessary to put together a combination of wood, aluminium and carbon.The temples, in acetate or brushed XP2, discreetly confirm the elegance of the models. An additional touch of colour is offered by the hinge, which is set for even greater reliability.
silmo d'or 2021 innovation piero massaro
  • PIERO MASSARO with « Charnière -18 DICIOTTO »
    Entirely steel hinges designed to address the accidental untwisting of the central pin over time. The two cylindrical knuckles contain the end stop pin and a spring, and the a special screw under them features a smooth side and one that is threaded with a range of different diameters; by going through the spring and blocking the upper knuckle, this prevents the accidental untwisting. Finally, two screws link the hinge to the front frame and the arm, in order to facilitate its substitution.
silmo d'or 2021 innovation rolf
  • ROLF Spectacles with « Amur 02 | plant-based eyewear »
    The patented hinge has proven itself the ideal component. It can be printed at the same time as the frame using 3D printing technology, meaning the whole frame can be made all at once and therefore keep the number of external suppliers to a minimum. In addition to the high performance of the screw-less hinge, glasses wearers will also benefit from the flexible, natural, and skin-friendly properties of the plant-based frame. Shaping the future with innovative and sustainable products.


silmo d'or 2021 enfant opal demetz
  • OPAL with « BABYSWEET» - Demetz
    At the age of the first steps and the great discoveries, it is essential that your child is protected with perfect vision. Ergonomically designed, wrap-around profile, without hinges, soft bi-injection face, soft coating, Babysweet guarantees comfort whatever happens.The strap is ideal for the stroller and is perfect for babies who are constantly removing their glasses.
silmo d'or 2021 enfant jf rey
  • JF REY with « TRALALA 8750 »
    The Tralala model made entirely of silk-screened acetate with exclusive floral wording in the shape of the frame's top. Our wish is to propose an ergonomic model with a nice covering height while celebrating the return to nature, with a flower worn on face of the little girls. Two exclusive colours  (8750 and 2575) designed by JFREY's studio are present in this model which is equipped with interchangeable OBE flex uno, signed with a small heart on the endtips. 
silmo d'or 2021 enfant opal tartine et chocolat
  • OPAL with « TCAA376C66 » - Tartine & Chocolat
    The brand's spirit of beauty, chic and timelessness is perfectly reflected in the Tartine et Chocolat optical collection, which focuses on the world of childhood. Full of refinement, the models reinterpret the brand's signature elements over the seasons: bows, embroidery, mother-of-pearl or coat of arms. The TCAA376C66 model plays with elegance with the effects of natural materials, color gradations and the coat of arms, one of the brand's flagship elements.
silmo d'or 2021 enfant roussilhe popiz
  • ROUSSILHE with « POPiz 14 C00 »
    POPiz 14 is a combined metal and acetate frame for a mixed target of 6 to 12 years old. Light and round, its shape and size have been designed with a specialist in children's frames.Its luminous tortoise circle (Mazzucchelli) is associated with blue metal in recycled stainless steel (Fotomeccanica). The acetate rims and tips are handmade, and the inserts are made of hypoallergenic silicone (BPA-free). It is manufactured in the Ateliers Roussilhe of Oyonnax (OFG).
silmo d'or 2021 enfant stileitaliano
  • STILEITALIANO EYEWEAR with « Collection Tutti Frutti – Mod.  SI5014» 
    A collection with a round shape and a low bridge to meet the visual needs of our kiddies. Transparencies enhanced with a lively brushstroke thanks to the glueing on the left temple, and milled feature filled with lacquer with a different fruit for each colour: pineapple, apple, grape and blueberry on right temple. Flex hing with ani-roll system. Cellulose Acetate by Mazzucchelli., Glasses 100% made in Italy.                   


silmo d'or 2021 sport marcolin
  • MARCOLIN with «adidas 3D CMPT »
    From the adidas DNA, characterized by an ongoing search for high performance lines and materials, comes a frame destined to leave its mark on the evolution of eyewear thanks to the most modern technologies. The 3D CMPT frame produced with a new generation of 3D printers has a flexible nylon structure treated with a special coating that creates a rubberized effect on the entire texture surface.
silmo d'or 2021 sport metaoptics
    Development and manufacture of corrective mono-shields compatible with the most popular mono-shields sports glasses on the market, regardless of brand. The RX shields are available in single vision and progressive lenses in the widest prescription range on the market: +6.00 to -7.00 (Cyl. -4.00) combined powers.
silmo d'or 2021 sport out of
  • OUT OF with « Electra »
    Electra is the electronic lens that automatically adapts its tint according to the surrounding light in a few hundredths of a second, without using batteries. Electra is made of a solar cell that powers a chip and a special LC film. The chip constantly works to adapt the LC’s tint, based on the light conditions. With our technology we are able to use only the energy that derives from the sun, avoiding the use of any battery.
silmo d'or 2021 sport sun child
  • Sunchild Eyewear with « Masque WHAAM»
    A fresh and retro goggle only for farniente and sunbathing lovers, them whom think that skiing is great ! While keeping high quality of material as double solar protection lense, anti scratch, fog, TPU frame moreover anti slip bands, we propose a vintage, funy and colorfull style, above all a stars or words engraving lense with a flahs, miror or gradient effect.


silmo d'or 2021 vision bbgr
  • BBGR with « NIKON Presio Ultimate SET »
    With Presio® Ultimate SET, Nikon offers opticians a unique diagnostic tool to design a progressive lens at the forefront of individualization.
    Presio® Ultimate SET is based on Insights technology which combines, for the first time, 3 new optimization criteria allowing to :
    - make lenses' residual aberrations less visible for the wearer to maximize his comfort
    - limit changes in wearer's viewing habits in order to reduce the period of adaptation
silmo d'or 2021 vision coopervision
  • CooperVision with « MyDay® multifocal »
    MyDay® multifocal, a new daily disposable contact lens designed to meet presbyopes and eye care professionals expectations in terms of :
    Vision : Unique Binocular Progressive System™ to provide optimal visual acuity at all distances, at all degrees of presbyopia.
    Fitting: A simple & effective protocol.
    Range: The widest range of parameters in multifocal daily disposable contact lenses.
    Environment: plastic neutral daily disposable contact lenses.
silmo d'or 2021 vision koptical
  • KOPTICAL France with « KolorBlind »
    KolorBlind is a range of unifocal, progressive, half-distance and plan lenses that give Colour Blinds a perception of the colors and contrasts they were deprived of.
silmo d'or 2021 vision menicon
  • MENICON with « Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack multifocal »
    Miru 1day Menicon Flat Pack multifocal is an innovative ecofriendly, super easy to handle with the Smart TouchTM, comfortable to wear daily disposable multifocal lens.This lens is specially designed to reduce plastic used and waste. The slimmest contact lens packaging in the world using less raw material reduce plastic used by approximately 80%.The clever multifocal Neuro AdaptiveTM Design is easy to adapt, providing smooth transitions between viewing distances, even in low lighting.
silmo d'or 2021 vision transitions optical
  • TRANSITIONS Optical with « Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™»
    Transitions® XTRActive® Polarized™ lenses are the only and best ever photochromic polarized lenses to defy glare. They use a breakthrough, exclusive, multi-layer matrix that hosts new broad-spectrum dyes for more darkness and new ultra-fast dichroic dyes that are especially tuned to high-glare light and when activated have the unique ability to organize into a pattern on the lens itself for polarization. The dynamic polarization helps to protect wearers from glare when needed.


silmo d'or 2021 matériel acep
    *NEW FOR 2021* Smart Mirror 4 Pro is the first iPad application that allows measurements to be taken without the need for a frame clip and no physical contact between the customer and the optician. The application uses Apple's LiDAR scanner, which is capable of taking a complete measurements with extreme precision. The tool is comprehensive and offers a personalized customer experience through augmented reality simulations, frame selection or vision tests.
silmo d'or 2021 matériel essilor
  • ESSILOR INSTRUMENTS with « Vision-S 700 »
    Vision-S 700: A complete refraction room concentrated into one immersive Station
    - Enables fast, easy and reliable subjective refraction at distance and near in a realistic environment.
    - Allows to demonstrate the benefits of lenses and the added values in real conditions of use.
    Vision-S 700 transforms the eye exam into a memorable experience for the patient and rewarding experience for the practitioner !
silmo d'or 2021 matériel luneau technology
  • LUNEAU Technology with « BRIOT Couture »
    With its unique and patented measurement of frame thickness and 3D representation of lenses in the frame, Briot Couture allows the operator to totally visualise and assess in 3D the final mounting result before ordering or edging the lens. Display of constraints if any, and of the exact position of the lens edge on the frame edge, will allow relevant modifications. Briot Couture is the ultimate edging system for opticians willing to master their art of finishing at « haute couture » level.                                           
silmo d'or 2021 matériel MEI
  • MEI with « EasyFit Trend »
    Born from MEI’s experience in manufacturing lens edging machines, the EasyFiT Trend is the new block-less compact solution tailored for optical shops and small labs. This new edger represents a further breakthrough for the field. The new EasyFiT Trend features an innovative tracing system that further increases the overall productivity and a new modern and compact design. MEI has also integrated into this new machine the ‘Total Quality Control’ system.
silmo d'or 2021 matériel novacel
  • NOVACEL with « »
    Contact Lenses E shop, plug and play , 100% customizable. At the end the Optician can have his own E shop.


silmo d'or 2021 optique marque eschenbach
  • ESCHENBACH OPTIK with « MINI EYEWEAR 743012_60 »
    This oversized squared acetate shape with rivets stands out through its unique lamination on front. An additional feature is nylor on the lower front part. The caramel acetate front has a lamination in the same crystal color as the temples. This temples reveal the MINI pattern on the wire core and underline the statement of this frame. The hand polished round tip-end frames the iconic Mini wing logo, made with a metal inlay.
silmo d'or 2021 optique marque grosfilley
  • GROSFILLEY with «LA90017 - Charlotte » - LANCEL Paris
    Lancel PARIS acetate frame. An original and trendy color combination taking up the bi-color codes of leather goods. A golden signature logo with a lacquer adorns the model. In signature a hypoallergenic titanium endtip.
  • L’AMY Luxe with « Magnetic by JAM Vision» - McLaren
    To create its "McLaren Magnetic" model, L’amy Luxe teamed up with JAM ’Vision, an eyewear brand that creates products with innovative and eco-responsible concepts and designs. The idea is to rely on the magnetic hinge patented by JAM Vision. Indeed, this indestructible hinge has been tested at more than 100,000 beats without any alteration. The desire is therefore to manufacture a range that is both faithful to McLaren's DNA, and to the eco-responsible approach of JAM-Vision.
silmo d'or 2021 optique marque opal corinne
  • OPAL with « Corinne » - Berenice
    The entire Berenice eyewear collection is illustrated by the work of the wings and the reminder of lurex, two strong and emblematic elements of the brand. Particular care has been given to marking: from the engraved to the inside of the temples with the Berenice logo and the words "Made in France" hot-stamped in gold or silver. A collection at the crossroads between bohemian chic and rock'n roll for luminous women... without false pretenses.
Sans titre (37)
  • MARCOLIN with « Tennis Micro pavè » - Swarovski
    Inspired by Swarovski heritage tradition, this elegant style has a boldly shape that makes it fashion forward. Strictly linked to Swarovski Tennis bracelet its round stones are set in the prong setting, a traditional fine jewelry technique that really highlights their brilliant sparkle. The style well represents a timeless beauty and sophisticated look.


silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque emmanuel khanh
  • Emmanuelle Khanh with « Le Peigne »
    Eva Gaumé, Artistic Director of Emmanuelle Khanh, and Alphonse Maitrepierre, young French designer, share their visions. This collaboration revisits the brand's iconic rectangular shape, a unisex 80s styled frame, with XXL comb-shaped temples, available in three different colors. The choice of the pattern is a tribute to classic tortoiseshell, traditionally used in manufacturing both high-end combs and eyewear accessories. Emmanuelle Khanh and Maitrepierre assert a joyful spirit with many faces.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque grosfilley la
  • GROSFILLEY with « LA91003 - Rose » - LANCEL Paris
    LANCEL PARIS Oversize frame in acetate with a bi-color lamination inspired by leather goods and decorated with metallic details. A timeless, elegant and iconic model. A way to express your originality and assert your style ! 
silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque grosfilley zi
  • GROSFILLEY with « ZI 65047 - Sydney » - ZILLI
    Luxurious materials meticulous cut like jewels and the lightweight design of our sunglasses make them special. The "SYDNEY" pilot frame is made from black acetate and pure titanium with gold finish enhanced with black perforated leather detail. The polarized solar lenses are equipped with the latest antireflective, anti-scratch and anti-smudge technology, ensuring a clear vision high in contrast.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque maison sarah lavoine
  • Maison Sarah Lavoine X Ateliers Roussilhe with « THYRA - MSL 04 C8 »
    Thyra in yellow is a French frame with a square and oversized shape inspired by the 70s for a very feminine, chic and casual look. Manufactured in the Roussilhe workshops in Oyonnax (OFG), it is made of bio acetate by Mazzucchelli and produced in two exclusive Maison Sarah Lavoine colours: the emblematic Blue Sarah on the gradient lenses and the yellow acetate colour created specifically for the collection.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire marque marcolin
  • MARCOLIN with « Anne MM0023» - Max Mara
    The supremacy of form. An oversize frame that interprets the Max Mara universe with an avant-garde vision. The style conveys a strong character, blending an authentic essence with bold shapes, toned down by subtle temples adorned with the classic gold logo.


silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur gaston eyewear
  • GASTON Eyewear with « Gambetta »
    Asymmetric French frame in cellulose acetate
silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur henau
  • HENAU with « Lunam »
    The model Lunam is one of the models of the new series of HENAU Eyewear which combines acetate with titanium. The minimalist hinge is perfectly integrated with the acetate face. These glasses are true fashion objects, which reflect and reinforce the personality and character of those who wear them. They are pieces of art where the design creates a perfect harmony with functionality and comfort. In short -> eyewearCOUTURE.
silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur jean philippe joly
  • JEAN PHILIPPE JOLY with « Professeur »
    A perfect mix between a vintage classic and a contemporary model, with beautiful contrasting colour combinations, a challenging work for the factory with beautiful details of depressions, collages of acetates and engraving of the symbol "chemistry bottle" which represents the PROFESSEUR.
silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur theo
  • Theo bv with « PLAN 477 »
    At the crossroads fortune favours the brave. And so does the newest theo collection. When life puts you at a crossroads, you always have a choice: the safe or the bold path. One will keep you stuck on a familiar road, the other ... who knows! Yet one thing is for sure: these theo frames won’t be found on the safe path. Confident, pure forms meet clever design in Matali Crasset’s signature style. Only for true theo lovers who dare to stand out! Ready to make your choice? It’s now or never.
silmo d'or 2021 optique créateur pierre eyewear
  • PIERRE EYEWEAR with « ONE LOVE » - collection "Monsieur PIERRE"
    The brand Monsieur Pierre is the high-end of Pierre Eyewear. An elite collection in the spirit of enhancing the personality of every man and woman, of all generations. A more sophisticated range that enhances each face: thin, delicate on the front but thick on the edge in a selection of amazing colors.    


silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur hermes pontet
    The bridge of the glasses is a single piece of metal. The edges are bevelled as a pyramid had sunk into the bridge
    - The extended temples fit into the face tenon.
    - Temples end in a point.
    - The cirlce clamp is not hidden in the lug, it is visible and is grooved in a flower shape.
    - Lenses are surrounded by a metal shell.
    - The metal of the hinges and tenons are hammered with care, by hand, in Japan.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur jam vision
  • JAM Vision with « Savière / JAM Vision X Berecllo»
    Our "Savières" model is a timeless round sunglasses, obtained by assembling 3D printed elements (PA12) and cellulose acetate, in the manner of Japanese joinery. The whole is subtly asymmetrical, both the acetate machining and the printed insert, and the parts are perfectly combined thanks to a handmade work done at the unit.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur rigards
  • RIGARDS with « MODEL RG2046WD »
    Drawing on strong architectural geometries (right angle beams, undulating surfaces, sloping roof planes, shapely arches), RG2046WD is a seamless bricolage of different materials: high-end salvaged wood, aerospace-grade aluminum-magnesium, ultralight beta-titanium, flexible stainless steel, with zero plastic and sustainability in mind. Just like constructing a building, every individual part and their stunning contrast works together to form a sophisticated whole.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur vava eyewear
  • VAVA EYEWEAR avec « CL0015 »
    Model Cl0015 is wired round-shaped frame made by 3D-printed using high quality polyamide bio-based powder, made from castor oil. Base Zero glass lenses from Barberini.
    Patented Hinges and made of, Super lightweight, Avional aluminium.
    Eye:46 | Temple:140 | Bridge:22
    Co-Designed with Japanese Architect Kengo Kuma and engineered and produced by VAVA. Many of Kuma design projects can be understood as a pursuit of different types of weaving of diverse materials and scales.
silmo d'or 2021 solaire créateur veronika
  • Veronika Wildgruber with « LOKI»
    LOKI – be impossible!
    A new aviator unisex style frame with an interwoven bridge that creates the illusion of an infinity loop – thanks to its extraordinary production technique.
    With this exceptional piece Veronika Wildgruber ventures to explore the concepts of artists like Roger Penrose and M.C. Escher, delivering a new addition to the world of
    seemingly impossible objects – with a unique twist. Literally.

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