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Once again this year, Silmo Academy supports for a research project in the field of optics and vision science

Since 2010, Silmo Academy has set itself the goal of supporting professionals working in ophthalmic optics in their quest for excellence by proposing workshops and a scientific symposium where they can enhance their knowledge and share ideas with experts from every field.

Since 2016, Silmo Academy has chosen to support a research project in the field of optics and vision science. It is offering a €10,000 grant for a project submitted by an individual researcher or research team, with the winning project selected by the scientific committee.

Workshop Eyes and Body: Multi-sensory examination of the visuo-motor function

The IRIS team will present its REMOBI multi-sensory platform (patent FR095506, eyesbrainbody) coupled with video-oculography, optometric, orthoptic examination and posturography.

1) Dysfunction, screening and diagnosis: François Daniel will begin by presenting a critical evaluation of the optometric tests used to diagnose dysfunctions of vergence and accommodation. He will insist on the most relevant tests to realize in clinical practice based on the  experimental research he carried for his Ph.D. He will present solutions to optimize the optometric examination, including the cognitive aspect.

 2) The dynamics of the gaze: Demonstration of the REMOBI platform coupled with video-oculography. We will perform an objective measurement of the Saccade-Accommodation-Vergence eye movements and we will present the analysis of their speed and dynamics in quasi near-real time. We shall end by a demonstration of the research based adaptation method (double step) for efficient rehabilitation of Saccade-Accommodation-Vergence dynamics  (A. Morize, Ph.D. in progress). We will show the benefits provided by the platform for both the diagnosis and the neuro-rehabilitation (Z. Kapoula).

 3) From the eyes to the feet: Arnaud Foisy will give a brief reminder of the physiology of postural control. He will then present a synthesis of the work of his Ph.D. establishing the link between plantar sensitivity and eye movements. Finally, he will demonstrate the basic principles of the evaluation of the postural control by stabilometric platform, the method of diagnosis of the Ineffectiveness of the Plantar Afferences (IAP), and the Foot Posture Index, clinical test of evaluation of the posture of the foot simple and usable by any clinician.

Eyes and Body: Multi-sensory examination of the visuo-motor function
DANIEL François, FOISY Arnaud, MORIZE Aurélien, KAPOULA Zoï
IRIS team (leader  Z. Kapoula), CNRS, Federation of Neuroscience Research FR3636, UFR Biomedical, University Paris Descartes.
email: [email protected]r

Eligibility criteria

You must be leading a research project specifically in the field of optics and vision science
You must be an EU national

Terms and conditions of entry

- Resume
- Full presentation of the project
- Methodology
- Resources already available (sponsor, internship supervisor, grants secured etc.)
- Resources still required in order to successfully complete their project

Timetable and selection process

In July: selection of the three best projects by the Scientific Committee.
In September: if necessary oral presentation of selected projects by applicants.
From 7th to 9th October: winning project announced and presented during the Silmo Academy

Applications must be received

Please send these to: SILMO ACADEMY 185, rue de Bercy 75012 Paris - France
Or by email to: [email protected]

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