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OWIZ Street



The interactive storefront window is the essential tool to create buzz in your catchment area and encourage passersby to enter your store. OWIZ Street immediately grabs the attention of passersby, turning your storefront window into an incredible augmented reality virtual mirror.

Brand : OWIZ


  • 6 J 120



Leader in Virtual Try-On of frames in Augmented Reality, FittingBox provides Web & In-Store solutions (drive-to-store websites, plugin with virtual try-on, digital mirror, iPad applications) to more than 13,500 stores in 30 countries.

With a strong focus on Research & Innovation, FittingBox is a multi-award winning company. FittingBox builds and maintains the world's largest database of digital frames in 3D.

Founded in 2006, the company celebrates its 10th anniversary and open a subsidiary in Miami!