SILMO Store, the Experience

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During the four days of the show, live fully the experience of digital. discover new solutions and technologies that optimize point of sale, retail and decrypt the retail trends.

Hall 6 

Try the experience with Silmo Store The Experience ! 

Started in 2016, Silmo Store the Experience was an entry key with 3 retail trends associated with digital solutions proposed in a shopping environment.

In 2017, Silmo Store the experience propose you to create a mix between place of life and place of sale.

On the booth you will be able to: 

  • Share live experiences thanks to talks spaces and exhibitions
  • Understand and live experiences thanks to animations and informations areas

You will discover a space articulated around customers insight to answer this questions:

  • Whats are customers expectations? 
  • How to transform them into lever business? 

A "multiple" experience place

This hybrid space is divided into 4 topics:

  • Podium Talks: Speakers come to propose their technologicals solutions/innovations with retail angle during 30-minute talk
  • Insights and solutions technologicals: Visual graphic presentation, print and/or screen with big trends retail and presentation of projects and technological solutions
  • Bullet Time: Immersive animation area
  • Customer relationship: Meetings, presentations of projects after-talk

7 insights for 7 retail experiences:

  1. Lifestyle experience 
  2. Community experience 
  3. Web experience 
  4. "Social" experience
  5. Virtual experience
  6. Emotional experience 
  7. Explore custom 

The program and the companies involved will soon be online.