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More than just a TV, SILMO TV will be the connected multimdedia tool of this 2015 edition. SILMO reinvents TV with a "haute-couture" programme.

 SILMO Youtube channel 

A newly designed SILMO TV for a connected event

An «haute couture» TV schedule

SILMO TV has put together a bespoke schedule, closely tailored to the issues facing the optics sector. Each of the 4 days of the exhibition will feature a range of topical, must-see programmes:

  • Innovation Break: a programme dedicated to innovation within the sector
  • SILMO 360° : the exhibition’s news bulletin, enabling you to experience the day’s highlights live or catch up with them later
  • Rendez-vous Profession (Industry news roundup): in partnership with ACUITE
  • C Tendances: a genuine catwalk, showcasing trends uncovered by our journalists
  • SILMO Academy: a programme focusing on health and training
  • La Minute Basse Vision (What’s new in Low Vision): presenting the latest developments in low vision
  • Les Rendez-Vous avec (Profiles): introducing a different exhibitor every day, their background and their vision of the industry

Key figures for SILMO TV:

  • 36 programmes scheduled
  • 24-hour coverage
  • 15 innovations presented
  • 10 major trends uncovered
  • 4 news broadcasts, enabling you to keep tabs both on the exhibition and on the industry’s latest developments!