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Optical and sunglasses frames and lenses for all types of sport: a new area designed to showcase sportswear and active sport brands more effectively. 

From active sport to a sporty lifestyle

Sport is a dominant social phenomenon and has become a true product of globalisation. Sport is an integral part of our contemporary globalised culture which is saturated with media coverage. Major sporting events attract millions of spectators who may or may not actually play sport and who 'commune' at the same time across the planet.

According to Price-Waterhouse-Cooper, sport's turnover increased three-fold over the 2002-2013 period, rising from $50 billion to $135 billion. This figure includes ticket sales (32.7%), sponsoring (28.8%), broadcasting rights (24%) and merchandising (14.5%) with an expected annual average growth rate of 3.7% over the coming years. In addition, there are sales of accessories and clothing totalling $375 billion, 40% of which are generated in North America, 30% in Europe and 19% in Asia (source: NPD).

A multi-faceted changing room

Sport fashion is not a single indivisible concept but rather has infinite variations, supplying clothing both to those who play sport and those who don’t. The spirit of sport can be seen across all sections of the contemporary wardrobe, breathing comfort, ergonomics, technical expertise, performance and well-being into clothing. etc. In a society that aspires to be cool, even formal wear is loosening up and adopting the liberating path of sportiness. Fashion brands are chasing after the sheer energy of active sport and sports brands are diving head first into the world of fashion trends.

The optics and eyewear sector is not immune to this phenomenon, experiencing cross-fertilisation between active sport and a sporty lifestyle. Major labels use the best technology to create lenses and frames suitable for wearing during sport, whilst able at the same time to attract fashionistas with lines that have a sporty feel yet are on-trend. While the borders are becoming more blurred, there is a need not to take things too far: an active sport brand needs to remain legitimate in its original sector; otherwise it will lose relevance in the eyes of both those who play sport and those who do not, if it allows itself to be too caught up by fashion.

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