Refraction: overall theme of symposium

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Three sessions of conferences:
  • ‘’The basic principles of refraction’’

Thursday 4 October 2012, 3pm to 6pm ‘’the basic principles of refraction’’
Professor CORBE will offer a reminder of the basic principles of both refraction and vision. This will be followed by a round table examining various refraction techniques and how best to treat people at different stages of their lives. Participants will be able to share their experiences and take advantage of a very broad spectrum of expertise.

  • ‘’Binocularity’’

Friday 5 October 2012, 10am to 12:30pm 
This session will be presented by Professor SAFRAN who will remind participants how the concept of binocularity was first introduced together with its full significance. After this, a number of speakers will outline the importance of preserving binocular vision, the dominant eye, binocular refraction and fixation disparity.

  • ‘’Specific refractions’’

Friday 5 October 2012, 3pm to 6pm: 
During this session, leading specialists, all renowned within their field, will present useful refraction techniques for very specific cases including refraction in children, in patients with keratoconus, in brain-damaged patients and those with low vision. They will also consider the influence of certain drugs and conditions on refraction etc.
Each session will include a question and answer activity between participants and the various speakers.

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Three workshops are scheduled this year.

These will take place on Friday 5 October 2012 between 1:30pm and 2:30pm

  • "Warning signs in relation to refraction"
  • "Refraction and proficiency standards"
  • "How to know if a prescription will be well tolerated?”


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