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The Right Optics podcast by SILMO retraces encounters with brands and personalities from the world of optics to bring you all the colors, trends, stories and players of the 2022 edition of SILMO Paris. 

Take advantage of these podcasts to find inspiration, whether you're a brand, a designer, a manufacturer, a retailer or an optician.

Enjoy listening! 

Discover the 3rd series of the podcast

Episode 6 : In this very special edition of The Right Optics by Silmo, Nick speaks to all five finalists in this years International Optician of the Year Award, brought to you by the International Opticians Association and Silmo Paris. They are joined by Elaine Grisdale, Head of International Development at the IOA, and Grant Hannaford, last year’s winner.

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EPISODE 5: In this episode, Nick talks to Stuart Burn. He runs Performance Finance Ltd in the UK and specialises in financing opticians. Stuart discusses aspects of running an optical business, when is the right time to take the plunge and start your own business, how to survive as a freelancer, when and how to invest in new technology, how to be profitable and much more.

EPISODE 4 : In this absolutely fascinating and engaging episode of The Right Optics by Silmo, Nick speaks to Michelle Beach, from Park Vision Opticians in Nottingham about the complexities of looking after the vision of athletes. Michelle has incredible insight in the subject, and her expertise can be applied to elite and hobby athletes alike.

EPISODE 3 : For this new episode, Nick talks to Dominique Royet, co-founder and Managing Director of Hysopp, an agency which specialises in corporate social responsibility.
They talk about the global issue of human footprint on the planet, how it impacts the optical industry and what we can all do to limit the damage.
An episode that leaves no doubt as to the seriousness of the situation and which offers solutions that everyone in the optical industry can follow.

EPISODE 2 : For this second episode of the third series of The Right Optics podcast by SILMO, Nick Coffer welcomes Jean-Philippe Sayag, CEO of Acep Group - an expert in the use and implementation of AI(artificial intelligence) in the world of optics. In a fascinating discussion, they cover three axes - AI in optical analysis, AI in treatments and vision enhancement, and AI in marketing for opticians and brands. An episode that will literally open your eyes, whether you're an optician, brand or manufacturer.

EPISODE 1 : For this first episode of the third series of The Right Optics podcast by SILMO, Nick Coffer welcomes Sébastien Brusset - SILMO Next consultant and head of Jaw Studio in Lyon. They cover a wide range of topics - the future of optics, 3D printing, the technologies of the future, and how opticians can benefit from them. An episode not to be missed, whether you're an optician, a brand or a manufacturer.

Discover the 3rd series of the podcast

EPISODE 1 : Nick Coffer speaks to legendary designer Gai Gherardi from l.A. Eyeworks, meets Silmo D'Or winners Odette Lunettes and Out Of. He talks visitors from Ibiza (Revolver) and Wisconsin (Faces Eyewear). Zachary Tipton from Vinylize tells him how they make designer frames from old vinyl records and Amélie Morel, President of Silmo, talks about the future of SILMO Paris

EPISODE 2 :  In this second episode, Nick Coffer brings you the best voices from Silmo 2022 in Paris, taking you into the heart of the show with Jenkiz Saillet, Managing Director of Novacel; Silmo D'Or winner Fabien Blon; Phibo Eyewear; Olivier Petitfils, ADCL; and Adi Abramov, winner of the design award. Giovanni Vitaloni and Alessandra Girardi talk to Nick about their new brand Morpho, and Matthieu Jaubert from Visiotruck talks about his mobile optician vans, taking eyesore to parts of the country which are harder to reach.

EPISODE 3 : In part 3 of Nick Coffer's journey around Silmo 2022, discover the happiness of Silmo d'Or 2022 winners Hugo Martin of Parasite Design, Shamir of Israel and Neubau of Austria, as well as Quay Eyewear's buyers from San Fransisco. Mik Somers of Theo Eyewear explains why he has a big furry monster on his stand this year, Hermes Pontet tells the story of his family's association with the optical industry going back four generations and finally Nick talks to Elaine Grisdale, Development Director of the International Association of Opticians, and Jo Jolmes, former President of the Association of British Dispensing Opticians

EPISODE 4 : More great voices and stories in this 4th and final episode of Silmo 2022: Grant Hannaford, winner of this year's International Optician of the Year award shares his remarkable journey. Silmo D'Or winners Jason Kirk from Kirk and Kirk, Fabien Jeanneau from Voxiweb and Daniel Ericsson from Skugga talk about their groundbreaking creations. Nick Youle, innovations director at Inspecs explain why his group is always trying to stay one step ahead of the competition, and Francois Van Den Abeele explains how his business, Sea2See, is saving the planet while making great frames too.

Rounding off this series of podcasts from the heart of Silmo 2022, watch out for a little bonus episode with one of the industry's greats.

Nick Coffer speaking to legendary designer Blake Kuwahara. The episode condenses Blake's passion, expertise and insight into a lovely 15 minute chat where he fully opens up about the creative process and how vulnerable he feels when he presents his new collections.


And if you want more! discover or rediscover the first five episodes, published in the beginning of September. Listen to Jason Kirk, of Kirk and Kirk, in conversation with key personalities from the optics and commercial worlds. They share their stories, their passion and their insight, revealing the secrets behind their success

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