About SILMO Academy

The sciences of vision have progressed a lot in recent years thanks to the numerous research works and innovations made in the materials. This new knowledge has led to significant changes in the methods of correcting vision defects, prescriptions and the development of equipment.
To help all the professionals of the eye in the daily practice of their profession, to give them access to the latest research, the MONDIAL DE L'OPTIQUE welcomes since 2010, SILMO ACADEMY, a place of progress and exchanges, a meeting of reflection of high level for the optical sector-eyewear. This area of ​​knowledge and training offers professionals who want it the information and experience they need today to understand the issues and changes in the sector.
Created in 2010 under the leadership of Guy CHARLOT, SILMO ACADEMY is composed of a Scientific Council, responsible for validating the relevance of the content of the symposia. He is the guarantor of the scientific scope of the conferences

Composition of the Scientific Council

Les experts SILMO Academy

Prof Christian CORBE - Professor of Physiology

Prof Christophe BAUDOUIN – Quinze Vingts

Prof Bahram BODAGHI – Pitié Salpetrière

Dr Christophe ORSSAUD - Neurologist and ophthalmologist

Bernard MAITENAZ – Engineer, optician

Thibaut PICHEREAU - Optician

Jean Paul ROOSEN – Vision Solidarity Development

Vincent VENNIER - Optician

Jacques VIGNE – Optician

Elaine GRISDALE – Optician

Prof POULIQUEN - Honorary members

Geneviève PREVOST - Scientific symposium Coordinator 

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