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SILMO Academy 2015

Symposium program

Sunday, 27th

10am: Opening of the symposium

Tribute to Jean Pierre Bonnac by Daniel Dupleix

SESSION 1: 10.30am to 12.30pm: What is efficiency? How is it assessed?

  • Pr Christian Corbé: Visual efficiency
    • General Jean Pierre Haigneré, European astronaut: Application of visual efficiency in a space environment
    • Yann Bonato, international basketball player: Application of visual efficiency in high endurance sport
  • Dr Zoi Kapoula: Binocular motricity - the foundation of visual, cognitive and postural efficiency
    • François Daniel: The impact of the accommodation/convergence conflict on binocular control and cognition.
    • Aurélien Morize: Remobi, method for the rehabilitation of dynamic vergence
    • Arnaud Foisy: How plantar afferents may contribute to visual efficiency
  • Pr Bremont Gignac: Postural study in ophthalmology
  • Pr Stéphane Inni: Clinical assessment of visual efficiency, case studies.


SESSION 2: 3.00pm to 6.00pm: VISUAL EFFICIENCY and contact lenses

  1. Dr Florence Mallet: Visual efficiency in children wearing contact lenses
  2. Pr Stéphane Inni: Contact lenses and binocular vision
  3. Marina Barthe: Visual efficiency in presbyopes wearing simultaneous multifocal contact lenses
  4. Diane Debuc: Visual efficiency in presbyopes wearing RGP contact lenses
  5. Dr Caty Albu Ganem: The SMILE technique - results after three years
  6. Dr Pascal Rozot: Visual efficiency and multifocal implants
  7. Seema Banerjee: Secondary intraocular implantation in aphakic children
  8. Dr Pierre Olivier Barale: Artificial retina and visual efficiency - technique and results

Monday, 28th

10.00am: Guest lecture by Pierre Rocher FAAO

The invention of hydrogel soft contact lenses; Arguing the case for a man of genius: Pr Otto Wichterlé

SESSION 3 - 10.30am to 1pm: VISUAL EFFICIENCY in presbyopic patients

  1.     Professor Professor Jean Claude Hache and Bruno Delhoste: Visual efficiency and age.
  2. Céline Benoît and Konogan Baranton: Presbyopia and connected life - analysis of visual needs and solutions provided by the new range of Varilux Eyezen lenses
  3. Dr Thierry Bury: Glasses Off application, a new concept for the correction of presbyopia
  4. Professor Viswanathan Ramasubramanian: Visual Efficiency with Small Aperture Concepts in Presbyopia
  5. Daniel Aït YAHIATENE: Light Vision - From AMD to autonomy

12:15pm : Interactive analysis of complex case studies

1:00pm :  Best poster award and conclusion of the symposium