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SILMO Academy 2017

Conference program

Saturday 7 October 2017 : 10am - 1pm

10am : Presentation of the work carried out for the SILMO Academy 2016 Grant

By François Daniel and Arnaud Foisy of the IRIS Laboratory Team - CNRS FR3636 - Paris - Descartes University.

10.45am   Symposium begins

Session 1 / Dazzle: definition, process, evaluation.   

  1. Introduction to the symposium by Professor Christian Corbe, Ophthalmologist, France.
  2. “My Dazzle” by General Patrick Baudry, European Astronaut.                         
  3. The neuronal basics about dazzle, from the eye to the brain, by Chantal Milleret (PhD), Researcher in Neuroscience, Collège de France, Paris.
  4. Brightness, dazzle and reaction time, by Lorella Dado and Xavier Gerber, Optometrists, study carried out at the Institut d’Optométrie de la Haute Technique in north-west Switzerland.
  5. Measurement and compensation of high order aberrations to improve vision quality, by Marco Benedetti, Optometrist, Bergamo - Italy.


Sunday 8 October 2017 : 10am - 1pm

Session 2 / Dazzle, environmental factors

  1. How is dazzle different from “seeing properly”? by Bernard Sanselme, Ergonomist, Clermont-Ferrand - France.
  2. Dazzle and photophobia: Optical and optometric ways to achieve visual comfort, by Stefano Panzeri, Optometrist, Milan - Italy.
  3. Why athletes choose tinted filters, by Professor Stéphane Inni, Institut d’Optométrie de la Haute Ecole Technique in north-west Switzerland.
  4. Dazzle and driving, by Gilles Demetz, Sport Optics Specialist, Paris - France.
  5. Binocular disorder and photophobia by Marcela Camacho Montoya, Optometrist, Colombia.
  6. Low vision and dazzle; clinical advances in the role and adaptation of selective filters, by Anne Catherine Scherlen (PhD), Susana Montecelo and Adèle Longo, Centre d’expertise en basse vision, Essilor International, Paris - France. 
  7. Street lighting and low vision, by Olga Faure Ollory, Low Vision Consultant, study carried out with the City of Paris and the Association Française de l’Eclairage - France.

2pm : Presentation of posters to the jury


Monday, 9 October 2017 : 10am - 1pm

Session 3 / Dazzle and medical conditions

  1. Clinical aspects and physiological reasons for photophobia, by Doctor Christophe Orssaud, Hôpital Georges Pompidou, Paris - France.
  2. Light & the Ageing Eye, by Professor John Marshall, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology, London – England.
  3. Dazzle in people with dementia and Alzheimer’s, by Bruno Delhoste, Optician / Optometrist, Bayonne - France.
  4. Impact of photochromic glasses with purple blue filtering on the photosensitivity and comfort of pseudophakic patients, by Coralie Barrau, R&D Engineer, Institut de la Vision, Paris - France.
  5. Measuring dazzle and contrast sensitivity in diabetic patients, by Professor Prema K. Chande, Lotus College of Optometry, Mumbai - India.
  6. Keratoconus: Cross-connection and rigid gas-permeable corneal lenses, more than a glimmer of hope! by Sandrine Malaison Tremblay, Optometrist, Université de Montréal - Canada.
  7. Factors affecting light scatter and glare in contact lens wearers par Giancarlo MONTANI, Optométriste, Lecce, Italie
    1. Photophobia in neuro-ophtalmological disorders by Sandra Maleysson, optometrist and orthoptist, currently studying for a PhD at the University of Valence, Spain

1pm : Presentation of poster awards and conclusion of the symposiu