CSR - Corporate Social Responsaibility in the optical field

The corporate social responsibility at the heart of SILMO Paris

What is CSR for the optical sector ?

The essential CSR discussions that that began at Silmo 2019 will be sustained by the results of a survey conducted with optical professionals, as well as their testimonials and shared experiences. This content will form the basis of a collective consideration and a co-construction of the CSR approach for the entire industry.

The survey

Find the results of your testimonies, experiences and remarks following our online survey:

Access to the survey results

CSR Podcasts: Expert advice

Episode 1: Consumer expectations

By Géraldine Bouchot, long-term planning director, expert in new consumer behaviours. Carlin international.

Episode 2 : How brands are committed

By Stéphane Popescu, CEO of COSE361, specialising in the CSR guidance of fashion brands.