Happy Revolutions

Non-optical brands that have made a successful ecological transition!


Routine is a brand at the service of a project, a commitment to a fairer and more sustainable world.

“Relocating rather than importing ;
Sharing rather than monopolizing;
Taking time rather than rushing;
Repairing rather than throwing away;
Acting rather than dreaming!”

Happy Revolutions 1

Since its creation in 2016, Routine has been fighting to relocate all the manufacturing stages of its watches on the French territory and safeguard its watchmaking know-how.
From the machining of the cases to the assembly of the watches through the manufacture of the hands and dials, each stage is the result of the know-how of the latest French watchmakers and watchmakers.
Through this project, Routine defends a sustainable production model, creating jobs and value for the local economy.

Find them herehttps://routine.fr/
Contact themcontact@routine.fr



Durable sneakers with soles made from recycled tires.



Happy Revolutions 2


oth. is a sustainable and responsible brand of unisex sneakers.
The unique sole is made from recycled tires that have already traveled around the globe.


The sneaker is made according to high quality standards in a workshop in Portugal, using leather from Italy.


Each model bears the name and GPS coordinates of an unusual and little-known place, like a call to escape and adventure.

Find them here : oth-paris.com
Contact them : contact@oth-paris.com


Bleu tango

Exclusive printed shirts & reversible jackets.


Happy Revolutions 3
Bleu tango is a brand of women’s premium ready-to-wear specialist using shirts and tops as a support of artwork.
Patterns are printed on high-quality fabrics in Italy from watercolors, drawings and cuttings created by the designer.
Bleu tango aims to dress women in their daily lives; with the reversible jacket, busy women now have the possibility to easily change their style in the same day!

For the past 5 years, Bleu tango has been working to control its environmental impact and is committed to producing Made in France and Made in Europe.
Handcrafted quality, high-end finishes and noble materials guarantee not only sustainable fashion, but also clothes that you will wear for a long time.
…And Bleu tango communicates with great transparency on the entire manufacturing process of its collections.

Find them here : www.bleutango.fr
Contactthem : contact@bleutango.fr



Happy Revolutions 4.1

Eco-friendly high-tech items

In 2008, Xoopar was created with the ambition to bring fun and originality to mobile accessories.
The mission that the founders of the brand have given themselves: to bring good humor into people’s lives through a range of high-tech objects as whimsical as they are useful!
In 2018, Xoopar is changing course for a new adventure: to be the first French tech and eco-friendly brand.

Xoopar is therefore the first high-tech brand to integrate sustainable development into its DNA with its “xoopar green” road map. Eco-responsibility has found its place in all processes, from production to distribution.
The goal: to embody the founders’ philosophy while responding to strong consumer demand for better purchasing.  
The Mr Bio is the first product to be launched in September 2019. This multi-connector charging cable is eco-responsible and recyclable. The Mr Bio cable is made of Tyvek and bioplastic, a material that is biodegradable in 3 to 5 years in an industrial composter.

Happy Revolutions 4.2

Following his success, Mr Bio is now the mascot of a collection of eco-responsible accessories composed of speakers, powerbanks, mice and charging cables. With a commitment: the integration of recyclable plastic and eco-friendly materials in the design of products and the use of paper and cardboard from ecologically managed forests for packaging (NFC standard).

Find them here : https://www.xoopar.fr/fr/
Contact them : clemence@xoopar.fr


The Fair Sport

To live sport in symbiosis with the planet: this is the mission of the very young French brand The Fair Sport.

« Our equipment, our industry and our behaviour do not give back to the planet what it gives us. »
Olivier Ciaravino

Changing the way sports equipment is designed and consumed, changing mentalities, giving a new dimension to sportswear and the way it is made, bought and worn: the vision of Olivier Ciaravino, the founder of The Fair Sport, is clear and long term.

Remarkable values: ethics, fairness, simplicity and style

Happy Revolutions 5

In November 2019, The Fair Sport was born. Its concept is sustainable: to produce sportswear in Europe, on order, that is eco-responsible and ethical, ultra-technical and beautiful.
All products are made from recycled yarns and fabrics, without compromising on performance and style.
The Fair Sport is a 100% French and 100% independent company.

Find them here : thefairsport.com
Contact them : oc@thefairsport.com


Les Hirondelles

So that fashion lasts more than a spring!

Happy Revolutions 6.1


It is possible to create, produce and wear clothing that does not damage the planet.
Simple and timeless garments designed, woven, and made locally from the scraps of the French textile industry.

« Together, let’s not lose anything, let’s re-create everything and transform the way we consume fashion! »

The reason for the existence of Les Hirondelles (the swallows in french)? To reduce the environmental impact of fashion! Quite simply


Les Hirondelles offers a solution to (re)transform waste from the French textile industry into raw material!

Production on an industrial scale inevitably generates scraps that end up as waste. These are rolls of fabric that are discarded and eventually incinerated, because of a dye problem, a yarn pulled, a production defect or simply manufactured in too large quantities.

  • 80 million meters of fabric are woven or knitted in France every year.
  • 4 million meters of tissue end up in the waste stream, i.e. 2 to 5%.
  • 3,000 meters already saved by Les Hirondelles in 3 years


Happy Revolutions 6.3

Like the restaurateur who will design his menu according to what he finds on the market, Les Hirondelles think their models according to the resources and know-how close to home.
Their entire eco-system is concentrated less than 800 km from Annecy and they always take the greenest route.


From the eco-design of products to their end-of-life, via the sourcing of eco-responsible raw materials, all stages of the life cycle of Les Hirondelles products are designed to optimize their environmental impact and sustainability. What requires sometimes to innovate at certain stages!
By adopting a circular economy approach, Les Hirondelles raises awareness and thus supports the entire sector textile towards a more resilient economy.

  • For every 10,000 tons of waste incinerated, 1 job is created. 

  • For every 10,000 tons of waste recycled, 36 jobs are created. 

  • For every 10,000 tons of waste used or reconditioned, 300 jobs are created
    (Dixit Daniel Calleja, DG Environment of the European Commission).
Happy Revolutions 6.2

Find them here : www.les-hirondelles.fr
Contact them : coucou@les-hirondelles.fr
Clarisse Cazenave, Claire Chiquet et Claire Alvernhe, Co-founders.