A space for expression and experience sharing that will enable all the players in the sector to create new synergies and compare their points of view on the future of their businesses, their products and their distribution in order to better understand this ambitious future that combines technicality and innovation with respect for our environment and people.

Virginie Corbasson de Carlin

In this talk, Virginie Corbasson, consulting director at CARLIN, presents us the new keys for the success of a brand.

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Carole Riehl

In this talk, Carole tells us about Les lunettes écologiques Magazine (The Ecological Glasses Magazine) and the Optic For Good label which she created.

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Bille de Green Optical Planet

Green Optical Planet is a consulting service which helps companies from the optical and eyewear industry in their sustainable approch.

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Audio podcasts

Three speeches by Gérard Larnac, founder of L’Essentiel de l’Optique magazine

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