Smart products

Smart glasses, connected glasses, retail of tomorrow… You will discover here all the latest innovations in optics and eyewear.


Lexilens, anti-dyslexia glasses - With Michael Kodochian (CEO & Founder)

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Imagining the future of eyewear retail: welcome to Atelier Futurity - With Alireza Parandian (Head of Global Business Strategy for Wearables)

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The future of retail and the value of fit - With George Thaw (CEO)

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Autofocal eyewear - By Paul Marchal (CEO and Co-founder)

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Smart glasses VS fashion eyewear, threats and possibilities on a new huge market - With Mikael Eriksson (CEO) and Sébastien Brusset (JAW Studio)

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Laclarée, a new technology of adaptive glasses for presbyopia correction - With Jessica Jarosz (R&D Engineer) and Bruno Berge (Founder & CEO)


Fitting Box

Digitalization of frames to enhance the shopping experience - With Guido Cornettone (Vice President Marketing & Strategy) and Dominique Bazin (Vice Président Sales & Customer)

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Julbo Evad1 connected eyewear: the synergy of know-how at the service of innovation - With Romain Simon (Product Communication Manager) and Flavien Saniard (Designer), Christophe Beaud (CEO), Eric Marcellin-Dibon (Microoled) and Piet Renson (Materialise)

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Ellcie Healthy

Connected frames and smart frames: a world apart! - With Thierry Muela (Industrial director)

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