SILMO Paris 50 years of engagement
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SILMO Paris celebrates its 50th anniversary


2017 is a key year and an anniversary year, as SILMO PARIS 2017 is celebrating its half century, all the while looking to the future and emphasizing its pivotal role in the domestic and international optics and eyewear sector. Once a year industry professionals get together to buy and sell, as well as to discuss and socialize in a uniquely sociable ambiance in Paris at the heart of Europe. Since the creation of the exhibition, the optics and eyewear industry has come together at the Mondial de l’Optique (World Optical Fair) to unveil designs, innovations, companies and brands, all demonstrating a commitment to improve and enhance vision. Behind this « XtraShow » concept, SILMO Paris promises a celebratory exhibition in honour of its 50th anniversary, centred on a spirit of sharing and socialising: the organisers invite everyone involved in the 2017 edition to take part in the event 






SILMO is the international optics and eyewear trade fair in Paris

a unique experience for the development and international standing of the entire optics industry.
SILMO Paris, Live the experience! This annual trade show takes place at the exhibition Center Paris Nord Villepinte (Paris) , and welcomes the professional of the opticas & eyewear sector (opticians, optometrists, ophtalmologists, manufacturers,…).

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