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Present on exhibition Silmo Paris 2021
From 24 to September 27, 2021
Lenses 1 Hall 6


75003 PARIS

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Thanks to the technical expertise and relationships we have developed ever since opening our first site in 1846, BBGR is able to offer a complete range of innovative products all bearing the Guaranteed Made in France® label*. Always attentive to the needs of eye care professionals and eyeglass wearers, BBGR’s research continuously pushes the boundaries to provide the best quality of vision possible.

BBGR is made of 2 brands : BBGR Optical, the original, and Nikon Lenswear, the extraordinary.

- 750 employees in France,
- including 100 advisors across 5 sales branches who attend to the needs of 6,000 client opticians
- and 530 experts in the ISO-certified production centres in Sézanne and Provins.

Since 2012, the products made at our production sites carry the Guaranteed Made in France® label.

*Exept Transitions® lenses


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  • DEMETZ OPTIQUE DE SPORT - Optical frames and sunglasses


    Demetz is a story of passing on a passion: since my father founded the company, the motto has always been the same: to improve the vision of sportsmen and women to make them an asset in their daily practice, whatever the sport and the associated constraints. 
    My father was a forerunner. A seasoned diver, he revolutionised the lives of fishermen who could see blurred by inventing the first optical diving mask. He succeeded in turning his passion into a true source of inspiration, which I will never cease to apply in the development of the Demetz brand. 
    From skiing to cycling, via parachuting, the brand today extends to a very broad prism of sports for three target audiences, in order to offer technical and effective answers, adapted to all: children, teenagers, amateur and professional sportsmen and women. 
    The collection includes more than 200 models of sports masks and goggles as well as a range of technical lenses. And it won't stop there! We have some very nice projects in perspective with new challenges to take up... 
    The Demetz family is expanding with the adoption of Henko, an Opal brand, with 214 models of sunglasses, with polarised lenses (Henko means polarising in Japanese), anti-scratch, internal anti-reflective lenses... A beautiful collection that completes our lifestyle range of sunglasses, more "sporty" in style. With Henko, Demetz offers a breath of fresh air with trendy, stylish and affordable leisure models. 
    This year, to celebrate our 70th anniversary, and to thank our customers for believing in us, our values and our products, for being our daily ambassadors to sportsmen and women, and for building a long-lasting and solid relationship with our teams, we want to mark the occasion. 70 surprises will be sent out in random order packages during the month of October, in the form of golden tickets.
    This landmark year for Demetz will also be an opportunity to propose a new identity with a redesigned logo to affirm our unique personality. It builds on its heritage while looking to the future with confidence and determination. This image of renewal symbolises our desire to evolve without betraying our origins and to inscribe this new identity in time. 
    And the event at the beginning of 2021 will be the launch of the 1st Demetz adult optics collection: beautiful glasses that combine sportsmanship and an urban look, 100% optical, to be worn all day long. We really took the time to propose an innovative concept that carries the Demetz DNA while integrating new codes. 
    In the 70 years that the brand has been in existence, I am proud to say that this fine family business has succeeded in building its name around strong values such as surpassing oneself, shared adventure and humility.
    While we have remained faithful to this magnificent heritage for 70 years, our brand territory has evolved. And it is driven by the desire to equip the whole family that Demetz has been able to diversify, now legitimately claiming to be a specialist in sports for the eyes.