Updated on 09/17/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris 2021
From 24 to September 27, 2021
Miscalleneous (optical) - H5 Hall 5a


209 Rue de l'Innovation
31670 LABEGE

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Company details


Fittingbox, The Digital Eyewear Company

Fittingbox started as an idea born in the mind of two entrepreneurs: Benjamin Hakoun and Ariel Choukroun. In 2006, the company invented the first digital mirror allowing anyone to try on frames online, or on their phone in real time, thanks to Augmented Reality.

Today, the product offer of Fittingbox is a real ecosystem composed of 4 pillars:

- Virtual try-on

Our solutions generated more than 50 million virtual try-ons in 2020, representing a 300% increase between 2019 and 2020. The same year, Fittingbox released an improved version of its rendering engine featuring the assurance of a true-to-life size and ultra-realistic renderings of frames.
- Digital frames
Thanks to its patented technology, Fittingbox also produces the largest 3D frames and photo database in the world, accounting for around 100k digital frames, made available for any of your digital needs.
- Optical toolbox
We provide all the right tools to make the optical know-how digital. ECPs can offer a high-quality service to their patients featuring lens simulation and online PD measurements.
- Open Innovation Program
We thrive to empower the eyewear industry with innovative and useful products. That’s why, we came up with the Avant-première concept and the Open Innovation Program: it aims at bringing technological skills and optical knowledge together to create breakthrough products and features.
By working hand in hand with you as partners, we can perfectly match your needs while making the eyewear industry move forward.
In addition, our team keeps on working on new innovative projects such as “diminished reality” virtual try-on and a frame recommendation program.
Moreover, Fittingbox has recently been laureate of BPI France's National I-Nov competition and employs more than 80 people around the world. The company counts more than 4,000 businesses among its clients, ranging from major international players of the optical and luxury industries such as lenses and frames manufacturers, optical franchises, e-retailers and luxury brands.


Press release (1)

Fittingbox - A New Brand Identity For A New Era

03 | 18 | 2021

Fittingbox reinvents itself to meet a new challenge: take on the role as the catalyst for the digital transformation of the Eyewear industry.

New brand identity, new product offer, new website: Fittingbox modernizes its brand image, marking a turning point in the company's history:

- New logo and new branding: a modern and refined style
- New product offer: based on market trends
- New product names: more descriptive names for a better understanding
- New website: a clean design and precise product presentations



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    Perfect corp., is a solution provider for the emerging and fast growing Cosmetic, Eyewear and Accessories Digital Software Services (Saas) industry, with an unmatched cumulated expertise in both Augmented Reality (AR) and Artificial Intelligence (AI).

    De-Facto leader on Beauty Tech, Perfect Corp. is now set to revolutionize the online shopping journey for the eyewear industry.

    The new service is very easy to set up and allows consumers to virtually try on the 3D AR glasses in a truly life-like manner, turning online product catalogs into virtual fitting rooms for glasses. Unlike the traditional method that involves time-consuming 3D scanning and modeling steps, Perfect Corp.’s new innovation of AR service automatically creates 3D virtual eyewear using three product images with unique live camera preview feature. Hence, the process of creating 3D eyewear for a brand’s entire product range is significantly shorter.   From regular glasses to designer sunglasses, the 3D AR Eyewear service can accurately and effortlessly visualize a brand’s entire product line. The technology also allows brands to easily add different reflections to the lenses to enhance visual aesthetics.

    The new streamlined process produces highly accurate and detailed 3D eyewear models, allowing brands to efficiently integrate the real-time virtual try-on experience across all digital touchpoints. The new service is fully compatible with desktop and mobile web browsers and will help eyewear brands and retailers maximize their outreach potential and establish a connection with potential buyers.

    ​Experience the AR 3D Eyewear, and request a demo from us for more details and information about the new AR 3D Eyewear service.