Updated on 09/20/2021


Present on exhibition Silmo Paris
From 23 to September 26, 2022
Frames 9 - Niche design Hall 5a

Jacques Durand

Via Cavour, 2

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  • 5a L130
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Company details


Jacques Durand is an eyewear brand based in Italy created by French designer and spectacle maker Jacques Durand. Originally an optician, Jacques Durand evolved into a leading eyewear designer, working as project manager for various eyewear brands. Creator Jacques Durand ventured out on his own to expand his search of a renewed approach to eyewear design, devoting his talent and energies to a new eyewear concept.

Inspired by contemporary art, architecture and automotive design, Jacques Durand conceives pure and distinctive shapes with clear and defined outlines. Our fascination with pure forms and design quality results in a collection focused on quality and comfort. We are committed to excellence, and craftsmanship is the way we want to achieve it. Our spirit of creative craftsmanship animates our work and finds fulfillment in the synergy of goldsmith crafts and the heritage of eyewear manufacturing know-how.

Transparent production is an integral part of our identity. That’s why all Jacques Durand frames come with a detailed tag where anyone can learn more about the supply chain. Production is carried out in our Italian Atelier and facilities in Montecchio Maggiore in Vicenza.


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Light and matter

09 | 03 | 2021

Our collection evolves with the same renewed approach to eyewear design that led to the creation of Jacques Durand. Light and matter are the design playing field — flat frame fronts and clear-cut edges enhance the outline of the shapes.

Occasionally new concepts complement the collection, expanding the boundaries of technical and aesthetic possibilities. Iconic shapes are redesigned, and geometric volumes are reinterpreted through the eyes and the know-how of creator Jacques Durand, with the aim of pushing classicism to the limit.



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