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Present on exhibition Silmo Paris 2021
From 24 to September 27, 2021
Frames 6 - Fashion design Hall 5a


Van Eeghenstraat 98

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Company details



SUNNY CORDS is the Dutch-Australian original brand, dedicated to protect your glasses in a fashionable way. This story begins in 2016 with a mission to bring back a vintage accessory trend from the eighties. Tired of loosing and breaking our sunnies, and refusing to wear those old fashioned chains, the idea of starting SUNNY CORDS was born.

We combined the best of both worlds: Amsterdam’s trendy city style, which we know so well, with the laid back vibe of Bondi Beach, which we’ve come to love. Ever since, these sunny treasures have become a real local favorite.

Scoring the globe for inspiration, we carefully select our materials around the world, with Bali being our favorite destination. Each cord is handcrafted with love and great attention to detail. Working day and night, we constantly experiment with a variety of chains, beads and gems to create new looks for different occasions. Can you find your most wanted one?

Welcome to SUNNY CORDS. 


Press release (1)

SUNNY CORDS: the most popular brand with stylish eyewear chains

08 | 26 | 2021

Never lose your sunglasses again and have a sophisticated accessory as the finishing touch to your outfit. Dutch designer Flo Kemp started her own brand, Sunny Cords, in Sydney. After the success in Australia and Europe, she now launches the collection with stylish eyeglass cords in other parts of the world.
From Amsterdam to Sydney
Entrepreneur Flo Kemp decided five years ago to exchange the Netherlands for sunny Sydney. The idea for Sunny Cords arose out of sheer necessity: after losing or damaging her sunglasses for the umpteenth time, she started looking for a stylish sunglass chain. "To my great surprise, this accessory was nowhere to be found in Australia - and yet everyone here wears sunglasses 24/7 because of the warm climate."
Timeless jewellery
And so Sunny Cords was very appropriately born on the beach, from a love of travel and accessories. A cord for glasses that looks like a piece of jewellery. Characteristic is the use of surprising accents such as feathers, coloured glass stones and tassels. The handmade sunglass chains are suitable for various styles and occasions. A bohemian piece for the beach or a festival, a minimalist design to wear to the office or with a classy outfit.
Statement piece
Meanwhile, the eyeglass cord is back again. Both in the Netherlands and Australia, the item is making a comeback as a trendy accessory. "It is perhaps the ultimate combination of functionality and fashion," says Flo Kemp. "No more sunglasses getting tangled in your hair when you put them on your head. And the chance of losing your glasses ever again is small. But the eyeglass cords from Sunny Cords are designed in the first place as a subtle finishing touch to your outfit."
About Sunny Cords
Flo Kemp (34) exchanged the Netherlands for Australia six years ago. From bustling Sydney she started her own brand, Sunny Cords. The handmade eyeglass cords are designed with an eye for detail with an emphasis on beautiful materials and fresh combinations. From bohemian chic to timeless and minimalistic: the versatile collection offers something for everyone.



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