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    Delft, the epitome of an eco-friendly city, has a whole eighborhood of checkered canals, with magnificent buildings and a revered history. Delft is a clean city with no pollution, with bicycles running in every canal alley alongside green trees and plants that has earned the city the nickname - “Girl with a Pearl Earring”. Delft is also famous for its blue and white porcelain. Accrue's Delft has a round vibe and is imbued with the motifs of girl with a pearl earring, blue and white porcelain and bicycles.





      KUSTOM is an import & export distribution company which introduces new and refined to eyewear products.
      KUSTOM, the name of the company originated from a fashion term [customizing] which reflects our strong will to introduce fine design products to customers and customize unique items upon their request.
      KUSTOM exclusively represents unfamiliar yet refined brands which include :
       - ACCRUE : wear inspired from Korea
       - A.D.S.R. : famous contemporary eyewear brand among fashion people from Japan
       - Bape eyewear : legend of the street fashion from Japan
       - EFFECTOR : men’s most desired eyewear
       - Grafik:plastic : Grafic on the face from Korea
       - Yellow bee : Classic of Korea eyewear
       - Yuichi toyama : simple but unique - expressing individuality without following trends
      Currently, KUSTOM works with various accounts and partners both in Korea and overseas.
      It is a company with high growth potential that specializes in finding the right retailer that fit the unique style and color of the specific brand while creating the proper contents and distribution channels for success.

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