Updated on 08/27/2021

H9029 - Seiko frame for men in Titanium with flex hinge


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    Seiko frame for men in Titanium with flex hinge

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        For more than 120 years, Lunettes Grasset Associés has been a leading French partner in the optical market. The company, very close to its optician customers, has been able to adapt to the constantly changing requirements of this market.Even today, thanks to the quality of its products and services, Lunettes Grasset Associés is a leading supplier of eyewear optics. Two essential values summarize Grasset. The first is historic, has been a specialist of optic for 4 generations, and every year it creates more than 1,000 models for French and international opticians. The second is more contemporary, Marketer, the optical frame and the sunglass are a fashion accessory, essential for brands. It offers a brand portfolio representing different typologies of consumers : Seiko Titanium, Eden Park, IKKS, Bensimon, Agnès B, and New Balance, launched in 2021 year.

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        Seiko has revolutionized the watchmaking industry its reputation and continues to innovate. Seiko is a Japanese holding company which has based its reputation on innovation, sophistication and high technology. Seiko is present in activities such as I.T. with EPSON and Micro LCD TV. But most importantly, it has a great expertise in the field of Opticals with corrective lenses and 100% Titanium frames.Lunettes Grasset Associés has been distributing for more 30 years the 100% Titanium collection designed on the core values of the brand, i.e. reliability, based on the quality and reputation of a world-famous brand name. Another key feature of the Seiko range is to combine technology and design for a man and woman collection, suitable for progressive lenses. 100% hypoallergenic Titanium by Seiko: assurance of quality, lightness, strength, durability and comfort.