Updated on 08/18/2021

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Detailed description

Nucleo 4D have unique innovative front surface base curves that offer more custom made solutions for patients, utilizing enhanced calculation parameter techniques. Nucleo 4D’s special raw material gets attention by providing the optically ideal base curve in all viewing zones, innovative adjusting base curve and new front surface design. Special patented raw materials in the making of Nucleo 4D also offers continuously increasing base curve, ideal for the increasing power profile of free form progressive lenses. It is evident Nucleo 4D’s base curve continually increases from top to bottom when you take a look at the front surface. This improved front surface profile gives each viewing zone a base curve that is well-suited to its function. This increasing curve that is defined by ‘Stacking of The Spheres’ is one of a kind feature to Nucleo 4D in which the diopter is lower in the distance zone, while the diopter is higher in the reading zone.

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      NOVAX is an independent 4th generation family owned company that cares well-being of the industry. This is aligned with our innovative technology, superior & high quality products that are being offered. Our experience in this sector combined with a manufacturing facility enhanced with Free Form technology offers the finest quality, fastest production resulting best customer experience.

      The current company has been established and incorporated in May 2003. The operation started as importing and selling stock products and later on an initiative taken to build one of the most modern RX manufacturing factory. NOVAX is pioneered to be the very first FreeForm technology user in its region as well as one of the first in the global sector. Main factory is located in Istanbul & the company strategically opened its second factory in Porto, Portugal in an attempt to complement the fast service the company is known for.

      The company attends all exhibitions such as MIDO, SILMO, OPTI and Vision EXPO. Novax is now in 35 countries covering 4 continents and have joint ventures in Germany, Portugal, France & USA

      In an attempt to stay completely independent our software engineers developed our own software and capable of designing lenses. We can present wide progressive and single vision product range of all indexes from 1.50 to 1,74 for your RX orders covering all material types including organic, polycarbonate & Trivex.

      Our facility is capable of offering photochromic & antireflection coating options upon request. Our top of line Satishloh machinery and our long tenured employees ensures flawless production while ensuring all quality standers are met. Our quality standards are backed by FDA, CE certification, ISO 9001.

      Our growing global presence and investments creates excitement to be the independent company choice of the ophthalmic lens market.

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      Freeform Lens Manufacturer